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Our Philosophy


Quality of dog's experience is just as important as the ingredient lists on the products they use. Our philosophy at Deedee Dog is to provide the best possible care for your dog. We do this in a caring and professional way. We provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for your dog in a stylish, modern and safe grooming facility. Dandee Dog is the ultimate retreat for the beloved your dogs,specially designed to provide a calm, relaxing and safe haven in which dogs can be groomed, indulged and revitalized. We believe our behavior is just as important as your dog is more likely to relax. When we are confident and steady, your dog is more likely to feel comfortable and trust us during their spa treatments. At Dandee Dog, We aim to provide top quality grooming and styling services, we also look at the whole dog beyond the hair and stress the importance of building a relationship with your pet in safe and comfortable an environment. 
Our Team

Our Team

Grooming should be a positive experience for your dog!

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Hem Choi

Professional Groomer 

Dog Grooming
Stylist 2

Grooming & Spa 

Doggy Hairdresser
Stylist 3

Customer Care

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